God’s grace is evident in a myriad of ways at Elim. It is seen in the work of staff who genuinely seek the best for each person served at or because of Elim and it services (including our outreach efforts). It is seen in the relationships we build with families, and the committed support of donors. God’s grace is evident in so many ways, that we perhaps overlook its most evident display.

God’s grace is displayed in each life at Elim. And God’s grace is evident in the life of Brett.

We’ve provided a video testimony of God’s amazing grace as it shines in Brett’s life, and we invite you to watch below.

I hope you were blessed by Brett’s story, and to see how the amazing grace of our Creator evident in so many ways – not just around his life, but through his life too.

From Brett’s grandma:

“Brett shows that–God’s grace–from the moment he wakes up in the morning ’til he goes to bed.”

From Brett’s mom:

“Brett worships God with his whole body. Every ounce of Brett is praising God…I think he just understands that he is perfectly made in God’s eyes”

And from the man himself:

“I feel that in my life I have so many people who live me and accept me just the way I am.”


With grace so abundant through the ministry of Elim, we pray that our mission will be a channel of God’s grace not only here, but throughout our outreach and partnership efforts. Or, in Brett’s words:

“I love Elim and the voice, family, and friends
I have found here.
I have a purpose.
And the staff here help me discover and use my gifts
that God has given to me.”

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