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Each day over 220 men and women come to learn, work, serve, and grow at one of Elim’s two Chicago-area campuses. From supervised and structured on-campus activities to community integration and public service opportunities, each and every adult that entrusts their time and talents to Elim is challenged and equipped to answer God’s call on their lives.

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HOPE Packs


It’s hard to imagine a program that brings more blessings than Elim HOPE Packs. HOPE Packs started just a few years ago in an effort to provide Elim’s adults with difficult to find, meaningful assembly work. Their efforts have resulted in tens of thousands of school supply and food kits for children and their families worldwide.

Elim’s adults love serving others. It improves their self-esteem knowing that their contributions will better the lives of children and their families worldwide.

Donna, an Elim adult, loves sending HOPE Packs, filled with beans, to Haiti and the Dominican Republic. She takes a lot of pride in her work and says she feels happy when she assembles food packs. She explains, “I love those children and God loves them, too!”

Through HOPE Packs and HOPE Pack Church Drives, Elim raises awareness and builds new relationships with churches and ministry partners.

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We’re Ready to Serve

Over 200 adults with disabilities are willing and ready to change the world. They love volunteering at local churches, ministries, and other organizations. They are prepared to lead worship, to lead at chapels and school assemblies, and they deserve to be a part of our communities. Would you like to get connected to our ambassador team?

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Current Families

Your loved one is important to us, and we want to make sure you have every-thing you need to connect with Elim. Together, we can ensure the best services and opportunities for every adult that comes to Elim’s oasis.



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Parents, churches, ministry partners and other interested parties can learn more about the resources we find most helpful in our work. Just click here to check out the resources we recommend.

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