What makes Elim special?

At Elim, we know that each person, regardless of ability, was created in the image of God and has value and a purpose. Based on that knowledge, our mission is to equip individuals with disabilities to achieve their highest God-given potential. Elim is a multi-faceted organization, providing educational, therapeutic, vocational, and recreational services to those we serve. Additionally, Elim serves as a resource in disability and special education programming for families and educators, both in this country and beyond.

How is Elim funded as a non-profit organization?

Individuals may receive funding to attend Elim Christian Services from their school district or a private insurance company. This funding does not, however, fully satisfy all the needs of many individuals served by Elim. Because of this, Elim relies on the generosity of thousands of supporters to meet its funding requirements and provide the excellent programming that Elim’s children and adults need to achieve their highest God-given potential. To give a life-changing, tax-deductible gift today, visit our donation page.

What does Elim do?

Elim serves over 450 individuals in programs such as Children’s Services, Adult Services, and Learning. Additionally, Elim provides special education training and resources through its Learning initiatives. Both Elim Christian School and its Adult Services program serve students and adults with moderate to severe developmental disabilities including those with intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities, multiple disabilities, other health impairments and autism.


What are the ways that Elim benefits the local community/community as a whole?

Elim Christian Services branches out into local, national, and international communities through prayer, service opportunities, and community events. Elim’s curriculum focuses on community integration, providing important life skills for those we serve and educating the surrounding community on the value of individuals with disabilities. Further, Elim seeks to equip churches, schools, businesses and families to better support people with disabilities, and creating opportunities for each person to flourish where God has placed them.

How does Elim give witness to Jesus Christ?

Elim’s vision of the infallible Word of God providing a Christian world, purpose, and definition, allows the recognition of its obligation to provide those with disabilities a Christian education and training in vocational and life skills that equip them and help them to achieve their highest God-given potential. Through Learning, Elim also inspires and trains other groups, organizations, and people to carry on the work of Jesus Christ in the Chicagoland area and around the world.

Is there a calendar of events, school closings, and other happenings at Elim?

Yes! Visit Elim’s calendar of events and school closing information.