Darrell, one of Elim’s adults, once told us that he liked his church because “they don’t treat me like I’m different.” Elim wants to walk alongside churches, businesses, and schools that aspire to become oases for people with disabilities, where they are loved and encouraged to become the people God has called them to become.

Your involvement with Elim truly equips people with disabilities to respond to God’s call on their lives, to achieve their highest God-given potential. To get started connecting Elim to your church, business, or school, please contact our Relationship Manager today!

Want to connect your church, business, or school to this mission? Contact us today!

Pray for Elim

Just as Elim is built upon God’s faithfulness, and its message is based on His sovereignty, so too is its future dependent on the fervent prayers of the Elim community. Please pray each day for Elim Christian Services.

Sunday—That those we serve will be drawn closer to God
Monday—For Elim families
Tuesday—For Elim adult services staff
Wednesday—For Elim school staff
Thursday—For Elim Outreach staff and partners around the world
Friday—For the administration and leadership of Elim
Saturday—For the community of Elim supporters and friends

Include and Advocate for People with Disabilities

You can be the solution. So many of our churches, businesses, and schools want to and need to improve in their awareness of people with disabilities, and in making their facilities, programs, and opportunities accessible to those of us who have different abilities, gifts, and challenges. You can help us address these needs by advocating, and we can help you get started! Just contact our Relationship Manager today!


Elim Worship Team

The Elim Worship Team is available to lead your church, school, or business in a special event or in worship. Our team leads worship in a way that will engage and inspire your entire community. Their passion for God and His kingdom is expressed without pretense, a reality that will impact you and your community in ways you may not fully understand. To enlist the leadership of our Worship Team, please contact our Relationship Manager today.

HOPE Packs

People with disabilities can be part of your church’s outreach to bless others. Through HOPE Packs (wherein Elim adults assemble school kits for children in need) and Elim Military Kits (which equips adults with disabilities to assemble care packs for troops serving far from home), your church can reach out and bless others by equipping adults with disabilities to participate in God’s kingdom work. You can find out more about HOPE Packs here, or you can contact our Relationship Manager to find out more.

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Workshops & Luncheons

Throughout the year, we team up with our partners at Joni and Friends Chicago (and with other area ministries and organizations) to host workshops and seminars that help churches, businesses, and schools. Speakers who are professionals in the field of disabilities share their knowledge in working with those who have disabilities.

We also host a Pastor’s Luncheon every year intended to support and encourage pastors who have families or individuals in their congregations who deal with disabilities.  Through round table discussions, a keynote speaker, and discussion panel, pastors have found this time to be very beneficial in how they look to be a support system for those individuals.

If you or your pastor would be interested in one of these two great opportunities, please contact our Relationship Manager at glenn.spoolstra@elimcs.org or by phone at 708-293-6510 to get on the contact list.

We need volunteers. Are you available?