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Elim provides a comprehensive educational experience. Drawing on students’ strengths and providing necessary accommodations, our dedicated educators and clinicians are committed to ensuring that each student is equipped to pursue their  God-given potential. Elim’s school program is approved for private special education by the Illinois State Board of Education.




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To best meet the educational needs and goals of each student we serve, the school program has three interwoven program areas: Bridges, Pathways, and Crossroads.

Elim Bridges

The Elim Bridges Program equips students from preschool through high school (ages three to twenty-two) with necessary academic, communicative, and functional skills in preparation for meaningful and independent living. Professional staff collaborates with parents to take an intentional approach ensuring that all relevant needs are addressed on an individual basis.

While each student has a unique set of goals, this holistic team approach fosters ample opportunities for learning across settings. We consistently evaluate individual student programmingas we take the time to celebrate successes along the way

Elim Pathways

The Elim Pathways Program provides a therapeutic, educational program for students with an autism spectrum disorder whose needs significantly impact their ability to communicate and access curriculum.

Through speech, occupational therapy, social work, vocational, recreational and behavioral services, the program is designed to target the needs of each individual student and provide a comprehensive education.  With an emphasis on structure, Pathways students are provided with individualized schedules, positive behavior supports, tasks and curricular activities designed to challenge and engage them in their education.

With an eclectic approach utilizing components of Applied Behavior Analysis, Structured Teaching, sensory integration, and communication support, the Pathways Program offers a well-rounded and structured environment for students ages five through twenty-two.

Elim Crossroads

The Elim Crossroads Transition Program is intentionally designed to provide instruction  and experiences that will prepare students for adult life.

This is accomplished through an intensive focus on individual needs that support each student’s person centered Transition Plan. The focus of instruction is in the core areas of: vocational, communication, independent living, and recreation. Volunteering and community engagement enhance student opportunities.

Young adults ages 18-22 in Crossroads have typically completed their high school academic expectations, so the daily experiences are designed for preparation for life after school.

Staff Directory

Mike Otte
Director of Children’s Services

Dr. Sharon Duncan
Vice President of Programming

Ginny Pierson
Administrative Assistant

Carol Runge
Admissions Coordinator

Joe Rauen
Student Attendance



Parents, school districts, ministry partners and other interested parties can learn more about the resources we find most helpful in our work. Click here to check out the resources we recommend to you.

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