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Elim’s school is an oasis where students, staff, and families find rest and hope. Each child who attends Elim is challenged, encouraged, and equipped to live a life of purpose and service to their community, their neighbors, and to God.




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To best meet the educational needs and goals of each child we serve, Elim’s school program is pursued in three distinct but interwoven programs;
Bridges, Pathways, and Crossroads.

Elim Bridges

The Elim Bridges program provides educational and therapeutic services to children who can have a broad range of gifts and needs.

Elim works with parents and professional educators to determine the best mix of services, program opportunities, and other interventions to support the educational goals of each student in Bridges.

The program meets the needs of early-childhood up to high-school aged individuals.

Elim Pathways

The Elim Pathways program is specifically designed to identify and grow the particular gifts of students with autism, as well as assisting them in working with the challenges and difficulties that can be associated with an autism diagnosis.

Emphasis is placed on small classrooms and individualized attention, with a special focus on community-based education and integration activities that will prepare students for life beyond the classroom and the home.

Elim Crossroads

The Elim Crossroads program is designed to prepare students for the stage in their lives.

For many students, the prospect of graduation comes with concerns about jobs, residential placements, work and social skills, living skills, and more.

Crossroads staff collaborate with each other and with parents to identify clear goals in every area in order to best lay the groundwork for a post-graduate life of purpose and service.

Staff Directory

Mike Otte
Director of Children’s Services

Dr. Sharon Duncan
Vice President of Programming

Ginny Pierson
Administrative Assistant

Carol Runge
Admissions Coordinator

Joe Rauen
Student Attendance



Parents, school districts, ministry partners and other interested parties can learn more about the resources we find most helpful in our work. Click here to check out the resources we recommend to you.

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