Executive Leadership Team

Elim’s core executive team is comprised of dedicated servants who cast vision and envision a future in which Elim adults and students are thriving not only at Elim, but in their communities as well.

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Dr. Bill Lodewyk

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Dr. Sharon Duncan
Vice President of Programming

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Robert Hooker
Vice President for Finance, Operations, and Human Resources

Robert Marsh
Vice President for Advancement and Learning

Leadership Team

The Leadership Team at Elim is comprised of the various directors who oversee specific functions and programs for the organization. The leadership team meets monthly to encourage each other and to continue to corporately direct Elim toward a future that best serves the interests of those whom God has brought into this community.

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Brian Boss
Director of Finance

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Stacey De Groot
Director of Human Resources

Amy Flynn
Director of Outreach

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Bradley Johnson
Director of Adult Services

Brian Nichols
Director of Information Technology

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Michael Otte
Director of Children’s Services

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Paul Rathje
Director of Maintenance

Dan Vander Plaats
Director of Advancement

Board of Directors

Elim’s ministry is overseen by a dedicated group of men and women who steer policy and vision for the community. The Board of Directors is composed of many different perspectives, but all are united in their vision of a world that values each life as a Creation of God, with a role in His kingdom. The following are members of the Elim Board of Directors.

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Dr. Frederick Wezeman, Chairperson
Retired from Loyola University, Chicago
Palos Heights, IL

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Dr. Mackenzi Huyser, Vice Chairperson
Executive Director, Chicago Semester, Trinity Christian College
Chicago, Illinois

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Mr. Ken Vander Wal, Treasurer
Retired CPA
Oak Brook, Illinois

Mr. Joel Tameling, Secretary
SET Environmental, Inc.
Lombard, Illinois

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Mr. Paul Buikema
Attorney, Buikema Law Group, LLC
Westmont, Illinois

Rev. Bert De Jong
Retired Pastor of Ministry
Villa Park, Illinois

Mrs. Karen De Vries

South Holland, Illinois

Mr. Jeff Dryhout
CEO and VP of Global Brand Marketing, Pivot Marketing
Orland Park, Illinois

Mr. Brian Page
Director of Sales and Business Development, Christian Brothers Services
Homewood, Illinois

Mrs. LyNae Schleyer
Director of Event Services, Water Quality Association
Palos Heights, Illinois

Mr. David Schutt
Director of Finance, Barnabas Foundation
Crown Point, Indiana

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Mrs. Debra Van Prooyen
CPA, Schwartz, Retson & Co., P.C.
St. John, Indiana

Renita Van Solkema

Personal Stylist
Elmhurst, Illinois

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Mr. Bill Zandstra
Comptroller, Dunhill Formal Wear, Inc.
Crown Point, Indiana



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