Elim is committed to serving as a resource center that seeks out meaningful and purposeful collaborators to accomplish its mission and achieve its vision. Through these relationships, individuals and organizations work together to provide better services, and to increase the capacity to effectively serve more individuals with disabilities.

Advancing the Cause of People with Disabilities

We partner with several organizations who, like us, seek to advance the cause of people with disabilities. While this takes many forms, our ultimate goal is to encourage the inclusion of people with disabilities in our communities, our churches, and our schools. In so doing, we hope to contribute to the building of a world that better reflects the Kingdom of God.

We seek to celebrate and build communities of reciprocity and interdependence. While the 5 Stages is one effective tool for doing just that, we encourage you to seek our and support these partner organizations as you contribute to the building of God’s Kingdom and seek to include people with disabilities in your communities as well.

Serving Adults who Have Disabilities

Bethshan Association is focused on providing excellent residential services to adults with disabilities, many of whom come to Elim each day for vocational opportunities and other day services. Bethshan was built and founded on the same principles and by the same faith community as Elim, and we continue to enjoy a vibrant partnership to best serve adults with developmental disabilities. If you wish to learn more about Bethshan, or support their ministry, please visit their website.

In addition to our collaboration with Bethshan, Elim is also a part of Intersect for Ability, a collaborative network of eleven agencies located in the Chicago Metropolitan area that serve individuals with developmental disabilities. Projects completed by this group have far exceeded the potential of any single agency, resulting in better outcomes for the individuals they serve. You can find out more at the Intersect for Ability website.

Partners in Training Special Educators

Trinity Christian College provides a quality liberal arts education, just a few miles from Elim’s Crestwood location. Each year, Elim is blessed by the partnership of Trinity’s Alexander De Jong Center for Special Education, a collaboration created in honor of a Southside pastor who had served as both President of Trinity Christian College and Executive Director of Elim during his career. Learn more about the Center for Special Education on the school section of our website or by visiting Trinity’s website.


Elim Learning

Elim Learning seeks to further equip those who support individuals with disabilities – including Elim staff, educators in local communities, and ministry partners internationally.  Elim Learning provides training, professional development, and direct and consultative support.  To learn more, contact Amy Flynn (link her email).


HOPE Packs Collaborations

Elim’s adults are known for their fantastic assembly abilities, especially in their devotion to building and supplying Elim HOPE Packs of food, hygiene, and school supplies. We rely on our HOPE Packs partners to get supplies where they need to go, including places like Haiti, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Zimbabwe, China, Mexico, Bangladesh, Peru and Africa.

You can find out more by visiting our on the HOPE Packs section of our website.

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