Zach Finds His Voice

April 3, 2019

 When Zach says, “I want to jump. I want to bust a move!” people can’t help but jump in and dance along with him. Not only is Zach’s joy and sense of humor contagious, it also illuminates how much he’s grown during his time in Elim’s school program. 

When Zach first came to Elim, he spoke very softly and sometimes only used one word to communicate. He would often stand timidly off to the side during class activities. But now, through his hard work and the dedication of his family and those who work with him at Elim, Zach has blossomed. He now speaks in full sentences and isn’t standing shyly in the corner anymore! 

Making strides in communication can make such a difference in a child’s life. 

Communication is essential. Whether at school, at work, or at church, we all contribute through our communication. When we work together to foster communication, it can change lives. 

Just like it did with Zach. 

Zach is now able to let others know when he’s feeling overwhelmed and needs some time alone. In addition to breaking out his dance moves, he enjoys participating in his classroom’s social commenting lessons, frequently making hilarious comments about whatever movie is being shown. When eating out at a restaurant, Zach can now independently order for himself. His new communication skills help him thrive at school, at home, and in the community! 

Zach’s speech therapist, Brittany Peele, delights in seeing his success.“We provide Zach with a supportive educational environment that works with him and always sees his potential, even on his hardest day,” she explains. “Zach thrives from the consistency, the visual supports, and the community outings that are offered within his school day. He’s such a fun-loving kid!” 

At Elim, we’ve designed an educational program and services to meet the learning needs of students with autism. Because each person is uniquely made in God’s image, we are committed to developing and following a personalized plan directed toward the success of each individual student. Your support of Elim makes this possible. Our students’ lives are touched by your generosity! 

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