Stories - Claire Macdonald

What will Claire conquer next?

July 30, 2019

Elim offers programs for over 200 adults with disabilities year-round. Through these daily opportunities, your support provides vocational training, life-skills training, and continuing education and work opportunities. With your help, we equip each adult to reach their highest God-given potential, for hundreds of people, including Claire.

Claire hasn’t always been motivated to read, but she has great potential in this area. Because of this, Elim’s team brainstormed and came up with a creative solution.

When two student volunteers from Marist High School came in to help in Claire’s classroom, they asked Claire to help “teach them to read.” Claire quickly agreed that she was up for this challenge. Each time they visit, Claire chooses a book, all the while encouraged to increase the reading difficulty. We’re pleased to report that Claire’s reading level has already increased over a full grade level!

Her entire team was delighted to hear her announce, “Claire is so good at this!”

Claire takes her duties so seriously that she now offers to read to Elim’s staff members. She even checks in with the high school students to make sure someone will be available to cover her reading duties while they have school breaks and can’t be together. Do you see the confidence that Claire has developed because her community learned how to encourage her?

Claire’s growth isn’t just evident in her reading skills. In her first years, she would go into the community but was frequently too afraid to get off the bus. Now, she walks right off the bus, embracing new situations like a pro. She’s made friends with other adults and, after realizing she never learned how to play basketball, has joined the Elim team that plays at a local recreational center.

What will Claire conquer next? No matter what she chooses, your support makes it possible for Claire to get the support and encouragement she needs to thrive!

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