Technology Provides a Voice

November 17, 2013

When Patrick King started in Jane Gizyn’s classroom 8 years ago, his communication was very limited. Because Patrick does not speak verbally and his communication device was extremely restrictive, Patrick was unable to fully communicate with his family or Elim’s staff. As a result, his frustration led to behavioral issues within the classroom. Everyone was excited when Patrick found success with a new communication device!
Patrick’s speech therapist, Brittany Peele, explains, “Patrick’s new device gives him a voice. Now, we’re able to have conversations with Patrick and he’s able to answer any questions we have. He can tell us that he’s excited to see his mom or go to Red Lobster. He can also choose pictures to tell us about his house, dog, family, friends, and emotions. The transformation has been amazing.”
Patrick and his mom have also worked together at home, using an iPad coupled with Image2Talk, a new app, to improve Patrick’s communication there. She loves the iPad because it allows Patrick to explore other interests like videos, music, and schedules, too.
Gizyn has also been delighted to see Patrick’s new independence and happiness. “Patrick’s success with communication has made a huge difference in his life,” she says. “It’s obvious that Patrick is happy. He’s a huge success story!”

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