Special Program is a Slam Dunk for Elim Students

March 13, 2014

Elim’s gymnasium is hopping! Filled with students, it radiates excitement, and those who pass by often overhear laughter and excited cheers!
“We work hard to individualize our Physical Education (P.E.) program to meet the individual needs of each student,” says Elim P.E. teacher Kris Owak. “Whether it’s using a bike with foot straps, a head support, a harness or chair scooter, or even a scooter board that allows a student to lay down, each piece of P.E. equipment is adapted to help our students gain physical skills and confidence.”
Through the Adapted P.E. program, students participate in fitness, cardiovascular activities, weight lifting, power walking, running, balancing, tracking, and sensory-stimulating activities. Even sports, like bowling, basketball, and tennis, are adapted so all our students can fully participate.
All students, ages 3 – 22, take part in our Adapted P.E. program. Even physically fragile students participate in activities that integrate physical, occupational, and sensory therapy. Benefitting from Elim’s small class sizes and high staff-to-student ratios, Adapted P.E. is just one way Elim equips its students to achieve their highest God-given potential.
Through Adapted P.E., the students develop endurance, flexibility, and strength. Additionally, many students use the skills learned in Adapted P.E. to participate with their families in Special Olympics. But Elim’s Adapted P.E. program meets more than just physical needs. Owak also notes a boost in students’ happiness saying, “Many students say P.E. is their favorite activity of the day! Our P.E. program allows students to gain confidence and life skills like sportsmanship, rule-following, and fair play.”
One new Elim student loves Adapted P.E. so much that her classroom teacher uses the program as an incentive. Previously, this student struggled throughout the day. When her teacher offered extra bike and P.E. time as a reward, the student made dramatic improvements. Both her parents and
Elim’s staff have been elated to watch her succeed! Her parents have even purchased an adaptive bike for her to use at home.
Much of the Adapted P.E. equipment is expensive, but the program has been blessed with gifts from the Women’s Service League, parents, and friends of Elim. Your gifts to Elim Christian Services enable all our students to fully participate in P.E. activities offered! Thank you!

Non-discrimination Policy:
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