Nathan Learns Healthy Habits

March 14, 2018

When Nathan came to Elim two years ago, he struggled to maintain a healthy weight and took insulin for pre-diabetes. At his former school, Nathan’s teachers used his love of food to control his behavior which, unfortunately, resulted in bad habits and poor health. Nathan would become frustrated when he saw his classmates’ food and struggles in the lunchroom or at restaurants in the community.

Elim’s staff quickly recognized changes needed to be made. In order to give Nathan a voice, they paired him with a communication device and then programmed it with all of his snack an lunch choices. They provided him with a visual schedule so he could keep track of his own daily activities. Highly motivated, Nathan quickly learned to appropriately request what he would like to eat. He began to become more comfortable joining his classmates in the lunchroom for meals and participating in community outings to restaurants and service projects. His extra weight fell away, and with that weight loss, Nathan now no longer requires daily insulin. Praise the Lord!