Michael Swims to Better Health

October 28, 2019

Elim’s swimming program provides so many benefits to its participants. Not only does swimming bring physical benefits, but it also helps with coordination, flexibility, socialization, relaxation, sensory stimulation, and so much more!

That’s why Elim’s team knew they needed to get creative to get Michael swimming.

Michael is extremely social and remembers everyone’s names. He loves interacting with his peers, and delights in cracking jokes to Elim’s staff members. Yet, even with his outgoing personality, Michael struggles with loud noises and with participating in recreational activities. And until now, he flat-out refused to swim.

Michael’s teacher, Lauren, worked closely with his mom in order to brainstorm ways to get Michael in the pool. They came up with a strategy where Michael would be rewarded with his favorite toys from home if he was willing to join his classmates in pool time.

It worked! Now, Michael loves swimming with his friends on Fridays and anticipates the activity all week long. When in the pool, he works with an Elim recreational therapist to complete group activities like passing a ball, playing with water buckets, and finding rings on the bottom of the pool.

Not only is Michael now able to enjoy new social and educational activities in Elim’s pool, he is also benefitting from the therapeutic effects of water activities. “It’s very soothing and calming for Michael to be in the pool,” Lauren explains. “It provides him with so many health and sensory benefits, too.” 

Michael’s story is featured in this fall’s Elim Equip, click here to read the full issue.