Kyle Starts to Speak

November 3, 2015

When Kyle was paired with a communication device in July, 2012, no one could have predicted the life-changing impact it would make! Just one year after receiving a device, Kyle began to verbalize. For the first time, he was able to communicate! Kyle soon began attempting to speak every word he could – and succeeding. 
His speech therapist, Betsy Bennett, is blown away by Kyle’s journey to communication. “Kyle is the most persistent communicator I have ever met,” she recently shared. “Kyle deserves all of the credit for his language growth. He independently explores his device. He has taught himself so much about it that sometimes he even shows his teachers new features!”
Kyle’s new happiness is evident to all around him. Before learning to speak, Kyle struggled with aggressive behaviors. Now his enormous personality shines! At school he greets each teacher and student who passes. He is funny, excited, and curious.
The impact of Kyle’s speech has been overwhelmingly positive at home, too. Kyle is so much less frustrated, and his parents love hearing him tell them about his day at school. Kyle is passionate about books, and his new speech allows him to read and share what he’s learned. Everyone in his circle has been amazed to watch this previously non-verbal boy throw himself into spelling, self-teaching, and verbalizing words.
Communication has opened up his world and allowed him to engage! Kyle’s dad recently shared, “As Kyle learned to speak, we realized how much he knew! Once the words started coming, we were amazed. He’s not only become a great talker, but he also loves to listen. Now, he wants us to tell him step-by-step about our specific plans. He’s able to tell us exactly what he’d like to do and where he’d like to go. He’s always looking for new words.”
While Kyle has worked hard to gain these communication skills, his family is so thankful that Elim has provided him with the equipment, support, and environment Kyle needs to thrive. “Elim provides Kyle with a school family that cares for him. From the day we walked into Elim, we felt the love there. We knew Elim was where Kyle was meant to be. We are extremely proud of Kyle and extremely proud of his Elim family.”

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