Kim is Thriving!

January 26, 2021

Kim started attending Elim’s school when she was just three years old. During her middle school years, her school district thought she would be ready to transition back to a mainstream classroom setting. She decided to give it a try. 

After one rather hurtful incident early in her high school years, Kim’s parents decided it was time for her to return to Elim. “I was back where everyone treated me with kindness! I was happy to be back with classmates that all got along.” 

Now in Elim’s Community Day Services program, Kim is thriving! Not only does she volunteer at various locations around the community, but she has even started her own business making handmade scarves, burp-cloths, and onesies! 

“My business keeps me busy and I enjoy it!” says Kim. “I enjoy making people happy with my products, and I am able to buy myself new things and new supplies with the money I make from sales.”