Kayla Crowned Queen

March 14, 2019

Kayla, a recent graduate of Elim, was very exciting when she was chosen as a prom queen last spring. At the end of the night, Kayla’s mom was moved to tears when she saw her daughter so proudly wearing her crown. As the photographer snapped a photo, everyone around knew he was capturing a moment they’d never forget!

In her six year’s in Elim’s school, Kayla took full advantage of every opportunity. In her final quarter in the transition program, Kayla worked as a recycler. With job coach support, she collected recyclables throughout the school, then sorted and consolidated the materials into their proper containers.

“Thank you, everyone!” When Kayla enthusiastically shared those words at her graduation ceremony, the crowd went wild. “Kayla was always the life of the party,” her teachers shared. “So this was the perfect way for her to end her time at Elim.”