Elim Impacts Zimbabwe

October 31, 2018

Lucia Mambure is co-director of Chenga Ose Association (COA), an Elim partner since 2009, that provides support to families of children with disabilities in Harare, Zimbabwe. When COA needed a resource to help teach their community about God’s heart for people with disabilities, Lucia knew she could count on Elim!

Elim staff worked with COA to expand and contextualize an Elim resource entitled “We All Have Value and Purpose,” an in-depth look at one of our core values. When COA hosted a one-day conference featuring this resource in May of this year, 56 people from all over Zimbabwe attended!

During the event, attendees with disabilities were empowered to share their stories, articulating how they know they have value and purpose in God’s eyes. Parents of children with disabilities also gave testimonies of how their children have shown immense value and purpose throughout their lives and are gifts from God to their families.

COA’s partnership with Elim is helping their community become a place where people with disabilities can thrive. Through partnerships like this, Elim is making an impact both near and far!

“This great event would not have been possible without our partnership with Elim! We are indebted to all those who support Elim—thank you and may God bless you richly!”