Darcell is Pursuing His Dreams of Independence

Dreams of Independence

April 16, 2020

For 19 years, Elim has equipped Darcell with the skills and confidence to be independent. His grandma, Grace, says, “Elim has one of the best special education programs out there. As you step onto campus, you can tell every single person wants to see your child advance and learn.” 

One job in which Darcell thrives in Elim’s adult programs is packing bags of beans for those in need. According to Darcell’s instructors, he is “the best bean pourer we have!” Darcell has grown in this role, quickly picking up the skill. He knows the importance of this work and will patiently fill bags to meet his goal. The packs of beans he assembles will then be distributed to children and families in need in the Chicago area and around the world. 

Darcell brings his independence home and gladly helps his grandma with daily chores. He folds his laundry as soon as it’s ready, makes his bed, keeps his room neat, and even pulls out a chair at the dining table when guests are over. 

“I attribute Darcell’s independence to his time at Elim,” says Grace, “Elim has changed not only Darcell’s life, but our entire family’s lives and we are so thankful for that. We wouldn’t be who we are without Elim.” 

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