A Second Home for Adam

January 16, 2020

Through community engagement he’s had through Elim, Adam has grown his skills and love for going out and interacting! 

“My husband and I knew when we visited Elim that there was no other place that would take care of Adam like Elim would,” reflects Adam’s mom, Polly. “I can’t imagine him anywhere else.” Polly and her husband are thankful for the experiences Adam has had during his time at Elim. From going to see movies, to working with HOPE Packs, Adam has experiences every day that he might not receive somewhere else. 

Adam has been given the nickname “supervisor Adam” because he is always looking out for the other program participants. When out in the community, Adam stays toward the back of the group. Why? Because he can make sure that everyone stays with the group! Even at the end of the day, Adam makes sure everyone on his bus route has made it onto the bus before they head home. 

Adam is always the first to jump at going on community engagement outings, no matter what it is! “I never brought Adam to the grocery store. I wasn’t sure how he would react or if it would be too much stimulation for him,” remembers Polly. “Since he’s started going on community outings with Elim, though, he has become my grocery shopping partner!” 

Thanks to you, Elim is able to provide opportunities that give our participants, like Adam, the skills to go into their communities and thrive! 

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