At Elim, we know that each individual has been created in the Creator’s image and has a God-given purpose.

Through Elim Christian School, Adult Services, Residential Services, or Ministry Outreach programming, individuals with disabilities are equipped to achieve their highest God-given potential, living their lives glorifying Him!



Join Elim Team TRI in supporting Inner-City HOPE Packs by participating in the Chicago Triathlon on August 29 or 30, 2015! Register as an individual or recruit your own relay team!  Encourage family, friends, and businesses to sponsor you, with proceeds supporting HOPE Packs.


Elim employs over 400 special education professionals and para-professionals in a variety of part- and full-time positions.  Learn more about joining the Elim community and equipping people with disabilities to achieve their highest God-given potential.


HOPE Packs is a wonderful way for a church to come alongside people with disabilities and join them in Kingdom ministry.  1=2. 1 gift impacts 2 lives. Give HOPE Today.

Where is Elim Going?

We believe that God has called Elim to shine its light in a world that often ignores people with disabilities. We invite you to keep up with our 5-year Strategic Vision Plan by clicking here.

Elim provides resources for...

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Do you have a heart for individuals with disabilities?
There are so many opportunities to get involved at Elim!



An enthusiastic and articulate young man, Jace loves playing with Play-Doh, seeing movies, playing computer games, and cheering for his beloved Blackhawks. Life isn’t always easy for Jace, but Jace knows God is with him. Recently, Jace told his teacher, “When I’m sad or upset, I pray and I read...
Elim's efforts to support people who live with autism take on a number of different approaches throughout the Elim community. But life doesn't end at Elim's campus borders. Over 150 people we serve have autism, and many of them return home each night. What is life like for these...
At one time, Mia Bella didn’t make a sound for a year. She didn’t move her arms. She didn’t kick. Now, it would be hard to recognize that girl.
Twenty-five classrooms classrooms in Elim’s school program have been beta-testing Boardmaker Current Events for a six-month period. “In just over four weeks, our teachers involved in the Pilot have seen success with their students,” said Sharon Maack-Connolly, Assistive Technology Coordinator at...
Cara Murphy’s can-do attitude and fierce independence are an inspiration to those around her. She may be in a wheelchair, but she drives it herself. She uses a communication device to speak with peers and staff.