Riley Finds a New Hobby

October 31, 2018

No one is ever too old to discover new passions and hobbies and Riley is living proof.

Riley has been an Elim student for over 13 years and Elim’s staff knows that he loves moving around and playing with balls or parachutes in PE class. They know he loves to dance and they expect Riley’s face to break into a huge smile when greeting someone after a long weekend.

This year, Riley discovered a new love – cooking!

During cooking class this year, Riley shined while bringing recipes to life with his classmates. Using a visual schedule, Riley helped stir, mix, and follow directions in order to create new foods in the classroom kitchen. Afterwards, Riley used his communication device to list the ingredients he enjoyed and state whether he enjoyed the new recipe.

His mother even reported that Riley brought his love of cooking home and he can even be found watching cooking tutorials on YouTube at night!