From on Campus to Remote

July 20, 2020

Due to the Coronavirus, Elim’s campuses have been shut down to student and adult participants, but the mission still continues.  

During this time of “staying at home,” Adult Services instructors have had to get creative in how they support the adults that can’t go onto campus. Mary Allen is an instructor on our main campus in Crestwood, Illinois. Through her years at Elim she never expected a pandemic to hit and for all programs to be moved to remote learning. She had to quickly come up with a way that would benefit the adults, but would also be something they would enjoy.  

She wanted to let them know that she was still there and that she didn’t “disappear,” So she started doing oneonone Facetime calls with them. Eventually, she changed to Zoom calls to serve more clients at one time. She sent out an easy instruction YouTube video for the participants caregivers to get them set up. Mary Allen says that it is fun for the participants to see and hear her, along with their friends. 

She holds 3 meetings a week, that are about a halfhour long. On Wednesdays she likes to bring on a musical guest (many of whom are currently out of work). One of the guests she brought on was Tara Johnson, who dresses as a Disney princess and sings Disney songs. The adults are very pleased by the musical entertainment, because when on campus they love music.   

On Thursdays Mary holds two calls, and they are usually just talking, or she brings on another special guest such as Eryn Moore who showcased baby racoons and did a Q and A with the adult participants. Everyone looks forward to the call and the parents shared many positive comments. Mary says doing zoom calls can be challenging but as long as they bless and benefit the adults we serve happy, she’s happy.  

While apart, technology can still bring us together. Even when our campuses are shut down, our staff continues to get creative to ensure we are pursuing the mission, and that your donations are used for their intended purpose.