Employee of the Year

October 21, 2021

Beth has been lovin’ her job at McDonald’s for 18 years now. In fact, she was just awarded 2020 Employee of the Year at her location! She said, “I am a good employee! I show up, I do my job, and I do it well.” 

Beth enjoys her job. She is in charge of doing morning prep, which includes rolling several trays of breakfast burritos. She also makes French fries, does dishes, and brings food out to customers. 

However, Beth’s favorite part of her job is the people. All her coworkers are nice, and everyone gets along. Being there for so many years, she has seen many employees come and go but enjoys always meeting new ones. She has even helped with training new employees. 

Beth is thriving in her community because you have equipped Elim to support her, but also because her community gave her the chance to use her gifts. 

Congratulations Beth!