2018 Eagles’ Wings 5K Winner!

July 23, 2018

When Jack pushed Ray over the finish line at the Elim Eagle’s Wings Run/Walk/Roll 5K in May, they did more than just win first place. They brought a dream to reality!

When Jack was in high school, his brother, Ray, a student at Elim, used to attend every one of his cross country meets. Last summer, Jack took Ray along on his run, pushing him in a running stroller. During that run together, Jack began to dream about winning the Elim 5K with his brother. “Ray means everything to me that a brother should. I know God has so much more in store for Ray than we may currently experience,” Jack explained. “I thought this 5K would be an opportunity for Ray to get the thrill of racing instead of just spectating.”

Jack isn’t the only one who loved sharing this victory! Using his communication device, Ray shared that he loved running with his brother Jack, especially when Jack “pushed him really fast.” He loved seeing his friends and family at the 5K supporting him and hopes to run more 5Ks with his brother in the future!

Ray’s family was thankful for an opportunity to give back by raising funds through Elim’s 5K. “Elim does an outstanding job of meeting Ray’s needs. His teacher, his paraprofessional, and all support staff are outstanding at making sure he receives an in-depth yet fun education. There aren’t many schools in the area that can do this, and even fewer that are Christ-centered.”

Elim’s events are great ways for you and others to connect with this Christ-centered community. Find out more about our upcoming triathlon, the annual Dutch Fest, or next year’s 5K on the events page!