The Crossroads program serves older students who are preparing for the transition beyond educational settings. Most students enrolled have a primary eligibility of cognitive disability, physical disability, specific learning disability, health disability, developmental delay, autism, traumatic brain injury, or multiple disability. The program is designed to prepare students and their families for life after school, and thereby devotes a significant portion of time to community and supervised work and recreational activities that equip each person to better understand their gifts and needs after graduation.


Each student has an Individual Educational Plan (IEP) that focuses on preparing the student to live, work, and socialize within the community. Each plan is tailored to meet the specific needs of the student, and is written in accordance to Illinois State standards.

Elim offers a full curriculum at all levels.

Specialized curricular opportunities for Crossroads students include:

Essentials: Designed to help equip our high school students with the necessary assembly and teamwork skills they will need for the adult services setting

STEP: (Supportive Training in Employment Possibilities) Provides half-day job placements for students on or off campus, supported by job coaches

CORE: (Computer and Office Readiness) Teaches computer and administrative support skills that students can apply to future careers

Crossroads Car Company: Teaches students aspects of entrepreneurial efforts and provides creative outlet for creative abilities

Service Learning: When students serve, they derive both self-esteem and gratification, as well as a new (and often unrealized) opportunity to bless the lives of others.

Our summer session is an extension of the regular school year that provides needed continuity for our students. It runs full days, five days per week, for six weeks. Related services are delivered as they were during the regular school year.

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