Covid-19 Information for Elim’s School Program

Dear Elim Community:

In the week of August 10-14, 2020, the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) released updated guidance regarding the reopening of schools. The new safety measures outlined in the guidance include many additional requirements that we are unable to adhere to in order to reopen safely. Many area school districts have made the decision to change their plans to full remote learning 

In consultation with Elim’s leadership team, nursing department, and school leadership team, we have determined that we too will begin the school year remotely through the month of September and then reevaluate the situation at that time. To say we are disappointed with starting our year remotely is a grave understatement. Our staff have worked hard to develop a re-entry plan that allows students and staff to safely enter our buildings and we were so looking forward to seeing your sons and daughters, our students. 

Now we are two weeks into the new school year already. We have heard so many positive reports about how remote instruction is going for students and staff and we are glad to hear those reports.  We have also heard from a number of you about situations where remote just doesn’t work.  We do want you to know that we hear you and understand. Remote instruction and learning is not what is best for most students and it is certainly not what is best for your children and your families. We want to move to a blended (and eventually a fully in-person model) as quickly as we can safely do that. That said we are planning to begin providing blended learning on Monday, October 5th.    

Blended learning will begin on Monday, October 5th.  Please know these plans are fluid and if something changes with Covid-19 and guidance we will need to respond accordingly.  We realize this makes planning difficult for all of you, so we have set Monday, September 21st as the day we will communicate if our plan changes.  Please join us in praying that everything keeps moving in the direction it is and we can bring students on campus on October 5th.    


We do need to ask that you do a few things in preparation: 

  • Please continue to help your son/daughter get used to wearing a mask, washing their hands and social distancing.
  • Please return all medical paperwork and consents to Elim as soon as possible.  Students will not be able to begin blended learning if we do not have the proper paper work in hand.
  • If you son/daughter cannot wear a mask, we will require a singed note from the doctor indicating this.
  • Please continue to pray with me for the health and safety of all of students, families, and staff. 


Thank you for your continued partnership in your child’s education,  



Mike Otte
Director of Children’s Services


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