The world sees disability. We see Ava.

Give once Give Monthly

You can help children with disabilities Pursue Possibilities and achieve their God-given potential. Each $14 provides a day of opportunities for one student.

Meet Ava

Looking at Ava today splashing in the Elim swimming pool, it’s hard to imagine the challenges she used to face. But it’s something her parents will never forget.

Cut off from Communication

Ava can't communicate verbally, and had limited means of communication when she arrived at Elim. Now, because of devoted teachers and the financial gifts of people like you, she’s able to tell the world what she is thinking and feeling using a picture board.

“She not only can communicate her wants and needs, she can also share her emotions and comment on the things happening around her,” her teacher, Kelly, says. For the first time in her life, Ava is no longer left on the outside, looking in to the world of communication.

A Taste of Joy

Being able to communicate has awakened something in Ava. She was once closed off and shy, unable to be more than an arm’s length away from the only people she knew who cared about her. But now, she smiles. She “talks” with her picture board, and she swims. Oh, how she swims! The pool at Elim is the one place Ava can be independent. Her body can’t fail her as she floats free from her wheelchair.

At Elim, Ava doesn't feel left out or overlooked. She is included. She is loved. She gets to be a kid. It’s possible because of the support of compassionate people like you. Thank you!

Ava Isn’t Alone

Ava’s story is unique to her, but she’s not the only one at Elim. Every day over 500 individuals with disabilities get the personalized help they need to pursue their physical, spiritual, educational and vocational possibilities.

The Gap Between Reality and Possibility

At Elim we believe that God is sovereign and He is good. We are blessed to get government funding, but it’s nowhere close to the amount we need to help these individuals achieve their highest God-given potential. In fact, we need to raise an additional $14 per day for each student we serve. To close that gap we need your help.

Your gifts will support—and create—opportunities for people with disabilities to respond to God’s call on their lives. What greater gift is there?

Possibility starts here. It starts with you.

Why is Elim needed?
Because people like Ava matter.

In order to pursue God's call on their lives, people with disabilities often require special equipment, devices, nursing care and tools in order to effectively participate in our world.

As wonderful as the public school system is, very few are able to provide the level of services, support, and opportunities that Elim is able to provide, and that is all possible only because of support from folks like you.