It’s hard to imagine a program that brings more blessings than HOPE Packs. Started in an effort to provide Elim’s adults with difficult to find, meaningful assembly work, your support and efforts have resulted in hundreds of thousands of school supply and food kits for children and their families worldwide.

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Elim’s adults love serving others and knowing that their contributions will better the lives of children and families worldwide. Donna, an Elim adult, loves sending HOPE Packs filled with beans to Haiti and around the Chicago area. She takes a lot of pride in her work and enjoys assembling HOPE Packs. She explains, “I love those children and God loves them, too!”

Through HOPE Packs, Elim raises awareness and builds new relationships with churches and ministry partners.

Hope Packs


  1. Host a HOPE Packs Drive in your church, business, or school
  2. Make a donation to provide HOPE Packs
  3. Get Your Church connected by talking to our Relationship Manager

Become a part of this world-changing effort today. Stand with Elim in equipping people with disabilities to honor God and bless others through HOPE Packs.

HOPE Packs Drives

HOPE Packs is a wonderful way for any organization to come alongside people with disabilities and join them in Kingdom Ministry. Here is a simple explanation of how a church drive works:

  1. Churches collect school supplies and/or donations using special flyers and envelopes we provide to your church.
  2. Your church organizes and drops off supplies and donations after a 2-4 week collection drive.
  3. Elim adults will inspect, fully stock, re-pack, and efficiently prepare items for shipment, rounding out orders to fully meet the needs of ministry partners. Church volunteers are invited to participate and work alongside Elim’s adults.
  4. Supplies are sent to Food for the Hungry, Faith and Action, Roseland Christian Ministries, Christ Cares, Chicagoland Prison Outreach, Haitian Support Ministries, and other ministry partners. Churches can specifically request a current ministry partner or connect Elim with their own.
  5. Elim works with ministry partners to make sure that, as often as possible, Elim adults and supporting church volunteers are part of the distribution trips, whether they’re in Chicago, Peru, Haiti, or on the other side of the world.


If your church chooses to participate in this exciting program, Elim will provide you with the necessary tools to support your promotional needs. Click here to find out more!

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Your gift of any amount will help us send more HOPE Packs where
they are needed most, employing adults with disabilities to bless
those in need around our world!

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