Covid-19 Information for Elim’s Adult Services Program

Dear Elim Community:

The Illnois Department of Human Services is allowing a gradual reopening of our Adult Services program (Community Day Services). There are many requirements and restrictions on how we reopen our program to ensure we are providing the safest environment possible as the Covid-19 virus is still present. Therefore, led by state guidelines, Elim will be opening our adult program in 3 phases:

  1. Phase 1: 25% capacity – August 1, 2020 serving individuals who live in CILA homes
  2. Phase 2: 50% capacity– September 1, 2020, individuals who reside in CILAs and ICF facilities
  3. Phase 3: 100% capacity – TBA, individuals residing with their families.

The comprehensive Covid Preparedness Plan for Elim’s adult services program is available by clicking here. Elim’s agency exposure control plan is available by clicking here.

The rationale for which individuals are served in each phase is safety as our top priority. Individuals who reside in residential facilities have been socially isolated, monitored, and tested, so are therefore the safest individuals to reintroduce to services. In addition, current requirements are to transport, serve and isolate individuals who share the same residence to avoid potential cross-contamination.

Unfortunately, this plan calls for patient endurance for our families who have their adult children, wards, or family members residing at home with them. We are working diligently within the state guidelines to restore services as soon and as safely as regulations and resources allow.

In these first two phases, we will be utilizing all our staff and transportation resources. Once some of the social distancing requirements are reduced, we will be able to direct resources for serving individuals who live with their families.

There are several steps that families can do to prepare their adult children, wards, or family members for re-entry into adult programming.

  • First, work with your Individual Services Coordinator in completing the Risk Assessment on the ability of your family member/wards to return safely to programming.
  • Second, practice social distancing and wearing a face mask.
  • Finally, avoid travel out of state, and especially to states identified as Covid hotspots. Resources regarding social distancing, mask wearing, and which states are hotspots can be found on the Center for Disease Control website ( and on the Illinois Department of Public Health website (

Elim has taken many precautions to provide a safe environment. These steps include (but are not limited to):

  • Each facility has been divided into distinct zones with separate entrances and restrooms
  • Staff members have all been trained in social distancing, PPE usage, and disinfecting.
  • Individuals will be screened before entering a vehicle or building. Those showing symptoms of Covid-19 will be denied access
  • Individuals and staff who are feeling ill are required to stay home
  • Chairs and tables in classrooms and program areas have been set up to promote social distancing (6 feet separation)
  • Classes have been re-developed to serve groups of individuals from the same residence to minimize potential infection
  • No visitors or guests will be allowed in the facilities during program hours

It is our hope and prayer that we will all safely transition through this crisis and fully reopen our Adult Services program as soon possible. We greatly appreciate your support and prayers for wisdom and discernment as we move forward in this transition.


Bradley Johnson
Director of Adult Services


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