What Have you Done?

July 18, 2017

Summer vacation isn’t really a “thing” at Elim. Our outreach and adult services programs run year-round, and approximately 95% of Elim’s students attend the school over the summer months.

Year-round services help adults and children to pursue their highest God-given potential. Both children and adults benefit from continued regular therapies, life skills and academic opportunities.

In fact, most of our families would tell you that their child want to be at Elim every single day, because it is their community.

Willie is one adult still working hard at Elim this summer. Before joining Elim’s specialized autism program for adults, Willie had difficulty feeling safe and comfortable in a program environment.

Elim’s staff recognizes Willie’s needs for sensory breaks, and gives him the opportunity to to swing, take walks, squeeze stress balls, and be soothed by the sight and sound of a waterfall.  The sensory breaks bring Willie peace and he’s focused and cheerful when he returns, conscientious to do his work, and even to help others.

Click here to download the summer 2017 edition of the “Elim Equip” newsletter. You’ll get to read more of Willie’s story, plus you’ll hear all about Ava, and about Ashley (from our Outreach team) whose work had an impact in India this past spring.

Even though Elim’s programs are in full swing over the summer months, Elim’s funding typically drops dramatically during this time.  Please know that your financial and prayer support of Elim’s students and adults is needed now more than ever.

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