Elim Reaches Out to India

March 8, 2017

Just last week, Elim provided training and resources for 65 disability ministry leaders and staff from 50 remote villages in northern India, impacting the lives of hundreds of children who live with disabilities. Some of these staff walk between one and three hours to get to work, serving children with disabilities. The ministry leaders we trained were eager for everything we could share with them – they so needed and desired this training!

Upon arriving in India just over a week ago, Ashley, a member of Elim’s outreach team, visited villages so she could better understand the needs and the context of those she would be teaching and serving.

But it wasn’t so much what Ashley (and Elim) did for individual people that has made the difference–it’s the training we were able to provide to the staff of these important ministry partners, like our partners in the photo at the top of this story, that was so vital.

This training only happened because of your support for this mission. But what comes next? Elim has been called to develop relationships, like this one in India, so that more people who live with disabilities might have access to education, therapies, and opportunities that might not otherwise be available.

Elim has the expertise and the capable staff to work collaboratively with disability leaders in the U.S. and around the world. All we need is the funding to make these opportunities a reality.

When you give to support Elim, and its outreach efforts around the globe, you equip local leaders with Elim’s disability expertise and you multiply your impact. Thank you.


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