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Every Face is a Story

All 258 students at Elim were created by God, in His image. He carefully designed and gifted each of them with a unique story. They're stories of joy, challenge, innovation, pain, and triumph.

These stories may revolve around the students with disabilities, but they include every person working tirelessly to give them endless possibilities. Now we invite you to be a part of their story!


They Can’t Get There Without Your Support

On average, 87% of Elim's annual funding comes from public funding, but that leaves a gap of at least 13% every year. Will you help us fill the gap?

Why is Elim needed?
Because people with disabilities MATTER.

In order to achieve their goals and thrive in their communities, students living with disabilities often need a higher level of services and support. Elim is blessed to get a large portion of its funding from public sources, but sadly this doesn't cover everything that Elim provides.

Donations from friends like you help to pay for the additional equipment, supplies, and medical care necessary to meet the individual needs and unique challenges of our students.

Your faithful support is truly giving them possibilities!

The Work We Do At Elim

Helping people to reach their highest God-given potential positively transforms the lives of our students, their families and the community.