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Kim Amos
Outreach Development Coordinator

Kim is a Licensed Social Worker and Education Administrator with a Master’s Degrees from the University of Chicago as well as Governors State University. She has twenty years of experience in social work, education and international community development. Some of Kim’s previous roles include Program Coordinator, Vice President of Programs and Operations, and Program Development Consultant.  Kim has been with Elim for over fifteen years because she gets to love, learn and grow alongside the individuals, families and community leaders we serve with. She is excited about how God continues to use Elim and its network of other schools and ministries to create communities of belonging world-wide.

Bob Marsh
Vice President of Advancement and Outreach

Bob is an administrator and leader with thirteen years of experience advancing Elim’s mission by providing leadership and direction to fundraising efforts and developing Elim’s Outreach program. Prior to joining Elim, Bob was a Registered Investment Advisor in the financial services industry. Bob is a candidate for a Master of Arts in Global Leadership with an emphasis in International Development at Fuller Theological Seminary and will graduate in May of 2018. Bob is passionate about working to create communities of belonging for persons with disabilities who are too often seen as “others” within and without the body of Christ.”

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Amy Flynn
Director of Outreach

Amy is a Learning Behavior Specialist with a Master’s Degree in Multicategorical Special Education from St. Xavier University. She has been in the field of special education for more than fifteen years in roles that include direct support, special education teacher, program coordinator, trainer, educational advocate, and consultant and is currently serving as the Director of Outreach. Amy feels blessed to be a part of the Elim Christian community and is extremely passionate about amplifying Elim’s message that all people have a God-given purpose and are a vital part of the body of Christ. She is excited to partner with schools and ministries and witness individuals with disabilities thriving in their communities


Colleen Steele
Educational Consultant

Colleen is a Learning Specialist with a Master’s Degree in Clinical Learning Disabilities from Northwestern University and has been in the field of education and training for twenty years. Throughout her career, Colleen has held roles that include training coordinator, consultant, clinician, general education teacher, and special education teacher. Colleen is passionate about learning and sharing with members of diverse communities and building collaborative relationships. Colleen is excited to work with Elim in honoring the unique qualities of individuals and empowering them to live as valued contributors in their local and global communities.

Kim Fairman
Administrative Assistant

Kim holds a Master’s Degree in Public Health from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Kim has been working in the fields of health education and patient education for nearly 10 years. Some of Kim’s previous roles include supportive oncology education coordinator, health education specialist, and public health educator. Kim is thrilled to work at Elim because it places the person before the disability. She is eager to see how God will continue working through Elim to impact communities both locally and internationally.

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