Elim Outreach Network

One former board member may have put it best when he said,
“God has given Elim something very special, and we believe we must share it with others in our nation and in our world.”

In response to this call, we have established the Elim Outreach Network which works nationally and internationally to see people with disabilities thriving in their communities.


Elim joins together with Christian schools in our national network to develop school-wide initiatives for meeting the needs of all learners in inclusive school communities.

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Elim collaborates with international disability ministries to raise awareness of the profound worth of people with disabilities while expanding their access to the resources they need to thrive in their communities.

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25 Years of Experience

14 School Partners

4 States

What does National Outreach look like?

Elim collaborates with fourteen Outreach Network member schools in the Midwestern United States. Our service scope includes onsite and remote educational consultation, school-wide program & process development, resource sharing, professional development and opportunities for school-to-school collaboration. Our National ministry seeks to expand the continuum of educational services for all learners and develop inclusive school communities.

Elim also serves as an approved vendor for Chicago Public Schools’ Federal Grant Programs IDEA and Title I. Title I and IDEA ensure that all children, regardless of race, income, zip code, disability, home language or background have a fair, equal, and significant opportunity to obtain a high-quality education. Elim’s two IDEA teachers and three Title I teachers serve over 50 students in two Chicago-area Christian schools


15 Years of Experience

8 Ministry Partners

7 Countries

What’s Included

Elim collaborates with eight community leaders representing schools and other ministries in seven countries around the world through the Elim Outreach Network. Elim works closely with these leaders to understand personal and cultural issues related to ministry development in their own country context. As Elim grows in its understanding of global disability realities, we explore and pursue community development ideas such as educational and vocational opportunities for people with disabilities. Elim also develops and shares training resources with ministry leaders who are reaching out to their local communities to support, teach and train others.



You can join the outreach effort

Your gift makes it possible for Elim to reach thousands of people with disabilities worldwide as we multiply the capacity to support them nationally and internationally through the Elim Outreach Network. Please consider making a gift today!

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Elim Resources

Parents, churches, ministry partners and other interested parties can learn more about the resources we find most helpful in our work. Just click here to check out the resources we recommend.

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Staff Directory

Colleen Steele

Outreach Education Coordinator

Amy Flynn

National Program Coordinator

Bob Marsh

Vice President for Outreach and Advancement

Kim Amos

Outreach Program Coordinator

Invest in Opportunity

You can make a world of difference for people who live with disabilities, and for
the people who work alongside them. Your gifts will create and support opportunities
for people with disabilities to respond to God’s call on their lives.

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